PETER VICKERY: Compositing and VFX Supervision
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Action composite for episode 204 of Leverage: Key, paint, roto
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Monitor replacement composite for episode 208 of Leverage: Match color and response of practical monitor, key and tracking
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My main duty on Leverage was to supervise VFX shots to point out any serious lighting or rigging problems that would cause trouble in post
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I was also responsible for taking still photos for use in graphics playback and VFX shot location reference plates
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I was promoted to senior compositor after 18 months in the VFX department on Coraline. This shot and the one below were considered senior level shots due to the separate layers of keyed backgrounds that were shot with a motion control camera but needed complex track correction and color grading to mesh nicely. I was the lead for this sequence, comping 6 similar shots in a row.
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This shot was part of the grand finale of the movie and was conceived as one long, continuous camera move (1 minute+). The raw pass on the left was the base of the shot on which I layered several greenscreen character performances as well as 3 separate background layers. To tie it all together in the end, I animated diffusion levels, edge & light wrap and defocus separately for all layers relative to the camera motion.
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First, I did detailed stereo paint work to remove the chaotic rigs. The stereo aspect of this was very challenging because the mice were moving through so many layers of depth. Then, I keyed, track corrected, graded and comped the FG.
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I was a member of a 3 person team in charge of 40+ fog shots. We started with green screen character performances and layered BG scenery and a video collage of dry ice elements to create the look of thick cascading fog. One of the most challenging aspects of this was making interactive layers of fog that moved properly with the characters’ motion.
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With this shot, I established the look of food and beverage steam and passed along a script template that was used by all other artists doing this type of shot. The tracking for the steam and candles was especially tricky for this dramatic, sweeping camera move.
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